citrusSource Citrus Genesis RSA was set up in 2011 as part of an international group of highly specialized companies dealing with citrus breeding, varietal development and the management of protected cultivars at a worldwide level.

As part of the AMC group, Citrus Genesis benefits from a well-established and loyal worldwide grower base and a long-standing partnership with leading retailers in Europe, America & Asia.

Furthermore Citrus Genesis has inherited all the work done by Special New Fruit Licensing Ltd, our mother company on citrus cultivars since 1997 and has consolidated the largest private grower association in Spain working on citrus varietal development.

Key  Objectives

Citrus Genesis’ core principle is to bring together the world’s best citrus breeders and the world’s best citrus growers so customers can enjoy a wider range of new and exciting citrus cultivars.

  • Development, acquisition and management of new and improved citrus cultivars
  • Introduction of new citrus cultivars in all countries where there is potential to grow them to the highest quality standards
  • Testing & professional agronomic evaluations at our experimental farms strategically located in all the major citrus growing countries.
  • Legal protection of the cultivars through either Plant Breeder Rights (PBR registration) or Plant Patents (depending on the legal IP protection systems valid in each country).
  • Careful selection and licensing of citrus growers in order to grow the new citrus varieties and maximize their potential.
  • Promotional activities & development of marketing strategies.

When developing new varieties these are our key priorities:

  • Improving quality of the current citrus range, by offering better varieties all year round
  • Seedlessness across varieties
  • Better shelf life
  • Richer flavour profiles
  • Easy peeling attributes
  • Improved cosmetic appearance
  • Better yielding trees
  • More adaptable, resistant and efficient rootstocks to improve sustainability


Citrus Genesis is proud to be working closely with the most important citrus breeding programs in the world especially in USA, South America, South Africa, Spain, Israel, Japan and Australia.

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