imagesCAOXOX1ZOur varieties aim at improving the quality of the current citrus range and securing an all year round offer for consumers, whilst delivering sustainability to our growers.

Currently Citrus Genesis handles a great range of new citrus cultivars which will incentivize production and consumption by offering:

  • Ultra-early and ultra-late varieties
  • Seedlessness
  • Richer flavour profiles
  • Easy peeling attributes
  • Improved cosmetic appearance
  • Extended shelf life
  • Better yielding trees
  • More adaptable, resistant and efficient rootstocks

Citrus orchardsWe currently have 11 varieties in South Africa which we have imported from Australia, USA and Spain. Most of these varieties are in the evaluation phase, whilst two of them are already planted commercially.

For further details on these cultivars please access the password protected¬†Associate’s Area. You need to be a Citrus Genesis Associate to have access to it. ¬†(PDF Cultivar Specification sheets to be uploaded on Website)