1. 1. Plant material of SNFL cultivars can only be propagated by licenced nurseries.
  2. 2. After submitting an order for SNFL cultivars, confirmation will be sent to confirm that the order has been received. Only after after order approval by SNFL, will orders be sent on to indicated nursery for preparation.
  3. 3. A deposit per vine ordered will be charged by the appointed nursery and is payable to the nursery before preparation of the order will commence.
  4. 4. Allocation of plant material to orders will only take place once the licensed nurseries indicates the number of vines available in the nursery.
  5. 5. A once-off Vine fee of R6.00 per vine ordered and received will be payable no later than 30 days ( Thirty days) from date of invoice.
  6. 6. A Royalty fee of 5% of Ex-Works price per carton is payable to SNFL South Africa (Pty) Ltd. as Production Royalty
  7. 7. SNFL South Africa (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to amend, allocate and /or cancel orders of SNFL cultivar plant material whenever they see fit.
  8. 8. Allocated vines per order, will not be supplied by the licenced nursery to the grower before a signed copy of the Commercial Production Licence Agreement and the payment of the Vine fee concerned is received by SNFL South Africa. On the date when allocated vines will be collected from the licenced nursery, the Grower will have to supply the original signed Commercial Production Licence Agreement to the nursery. No vines will be supplied if signed agreement is not supplied to the nursery.
  9. 9. Any amendments and or cancellations made to orders, needs to be done so in writing to SNFL South Africa. This notification has to be sent via email to wian@snfl.co.za
  10. 10. All production of SNFL varieties can only be exported by an Authorized Licenced Distributor who is in possession of a Commercial marketing Licence.